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About Us

BRAINS Testing Service is the newest product offering of BRAINS Training and Review, a leading test preparation center and a pioneer in the field of competitive exams in the country. It delivers test simulations in key examinations like the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT), the UP Law Aptitude Examination (UPLAE), and the Chemistry Licensure Examinations (ChemBoards) for Chemists and Chemical Technicians.

Also soon to be offered are simulations of the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT), Civil Service Exams, and the Physician Licensures.  

Spurred by a nationwide trend towards online testing caused by the pandemic, this service seeks to minimize the difficulties examinees face during online examinations by providing a practice for the actual exams. Examinees experience the exam process and become familiar with the rules. They also get indications of their strengths and weaknesses from the test results, guiding their exam preparation activities for a higher degree of success.

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