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 BRAINS Online NMAT Simulation

The BRAINS Online NMAT Simulation is a 4-hour full exam simulation that does two things for you. It trains you for the highly secure and strict rules of the online NMAT, giving you well-placed confidence with the exam process. Just as important, it provides you ranking test results that help you identify your areas of weaknesses and strength, informing your decision on how to prepare for the test.

Exam Date for 2023: January 8.

Other dates to be announced later.

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BRAINS Online UPLAE Simulation

The BRAINS Online UPLAE Simulation is an excellent way to navigate the online testing mode of this highly competitive and challenging exam.

We train you for the very strict rules of online testing and expose you to various test question types. Learn to manage your time so you finish the exam. Ranked test results help you identify your areas of weaknesses so you can target them in your preparation.

Exam Date - January 7. P750 per examinee

Other schedule at your convenience - P1,000

(Call 02-8355-7408 to schedule your exam).

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BRAINS Online Chemistry Boards Simulations for Chemists 

Whether onsite or online, the 2022 ChemBoards promise to be challenging for most examinees.

As you prepare for the actual Board exams, identify your strengths and weaknesses, even get a glimpse of your prospects of passing the exam when you take the BRAINS ChemBoards Simulations.

Designed for the prospective Chemist, our simulated exams are designed to the specifications of the Board syllabi and taken by a broad representation of examinees as a norm group. Test results are highly predictive of your exam performance. 

Exam Dates: September 24-25 (open to all);

October 3-4 (exclusive to non-BRAINS reviewees).

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