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How to register

1. Make sure you have chosen the right exam simulation to take. Exams are described in the Examinations page.

2. Download and read the Document of Undertaking that contains the Terms and Conditions of taking the exam simulation. If you agree and want to proceed, sign the document (with your parent/guardian in case you're a minor), and proceed to the booking page.

3. Book the exam date and time you prefer. If no slots are available, you may choose other dates/time. Or, you may come back on another day. Booked slots are temporarily reserved for 24 hours pending payment of fees. Unpaid bookings are opened after this period and will show up again in the schedule.

4. If you have successfully booked your slot, you will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions. Pay the required fee via bank transfer or deposit to the BPI account detailed in the email.

5. Let us know of your payment by filling up the form on the notification page. Have soft copies of your proof of payment valid ID, ID picture, and the signed undertaking. These will be uploaded on the page.

We will send you a confirmatory email with further instructions.


If you want to book an exam outside of the regular schedule, please email us at,com to arrange an exam date. Please expect a premium for the service.

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